Care Work

Hi Strangers,

So at the moment I work as a care assistant, I’ve only worked in this job type for nearly 4 months, never worked as a care assistant before.. It’s tough! Before working in Care, I worked as an office assistant / Administrator so completely different from that of course.

So I definitely don’t feel fit enough to be working in care, it’s a hard job it really is and you do have to have a certain type of personality to be able to work in that kind of job.

When you think about working as a care assistant, the first thought that would come to mind is wiping bums, of course that is in the job but the thing that I have really found interesting is the fact that you gain a relationship with the people you care for, you see them change, grow or sometimes sad enough to see them slowly go down hill, but the rewarding feeling is that your there for them, to help them through the times where they don’t want to live, trying to give them hope, yes there is times where they will snap at you, make you cry etc.. But isn’t that everyone that can do that, how many times have you cried when a family member says something mean to you but you try your best to get on with it.

If you are thinking about going into care, then do it. It’s hard but rewarding, even if you don’t like it after a few weeks or months then atleast you tried. Always try new things, explore new career pathways and enjoy the life. Take what people say with a pinch of salt. You got this!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxc


OnGoing Battle!

Hi Strangers!

So mental health is hard to deal with, I struggle with Anxiety and Depression. I discovered having these last year, when I was going through a bad mental break – I had crying fits over just going out, seeing my other half families, even though I get on with them, if I went up high, like stairs to somewhere and was close to the edge of the side then I would think of suicide and that I wanted to jump.. I knew something was mentally going wrong for me and decided to go to the doctors and with all the feelings and my emotions they confirmed that I had anxiety and depression and put me on some medication, I went on 50mg of Sertraline but it helped a little but not enough and now I am on 100mg of Sertraline, it has helped but it does take a while to kick in, for me anyway! as everyone copes differently with medication, I still get bad moments which everyone does, but I still call into work sick because I’m too anxious to go in and that’s okay, it’s okay to have mental health days but you have to make sure to go in for the next time your at work, I worry about everything.. and no joke everything.. even writing this post I worry about!

I’m slowly starting to come out of my comfort zone and trying new things, I won’t say how I worked myself up to do this, as everyone is different and will get to a stage where they can slowly do stuff that they get anxious about but it just depends on you. I think the hardest thing is knowing that it is silly and that you shouldn’t be worrying about it but you just can’t help it, it becomes all you know and what you feel comfortable with.

If anyone would like to be brave enough to share their story then I’m happy to listen and being someone to listen to.

This post probably makes no sense but nevermind, I think I just wanted to write about keep fighting the mental health, you can do it, talk to doctors, your friends and family! Don’t keep it in, as I use to do that and now I don’t as much and it has become healthier for myself.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxx

Being Organised!

Hi Strangers,

Hope you are all doing well!? I thought I would do a post on how I keep with being organised, I love planning and keeping myself organised if I don’t then I feel like a mess! So I hope these little tips and what I do to stay organised will help you!

  • Diaries – I love having diaries they are the most helpful, I have one that I keep at home on my wall, one on my phone (Like all phones pretty much have) and one to keep in my bag, I make sure to always write, all appointments, events, what shifts I am doing,when I can meet up with people etc.. so easy to be able to pick up your diary and see if you are available for dates when new meetings might come up, I make sure at the end of the week (Sunday) to update all my calendars, on my phone, diary and wall calendar so I’m always updated and if I forget to bring my diary with me then I am able to look at my calendar on my phone and check when I am available knowing everything is kept up to date
  • White Board/Cork Board – I have a whiteboard and a cork board on my wall. My whiteboard, I use as a weekly to-do list, so I have anxiety and I worry about everything, which leads me to losing out on sleep as I will always be thinking ‘I need to this, that etc..’ so I will keep a notepad and pen next to me on my bed so that it helps me write down anything that comes to mind when I am trying to sleep, on Sunday I update my whiteboard, put in squares of the weeks dates (Monday – Sunday) and in each square I create a list of what I want to do on each day and that is where my thought list comes in, I will try to get them completed throughout the week, when I achieve them I cross them out and if I can’t do them then I don’t cross it out. (I’ll be updating this post with some photos when I can to show what I mean!) Cork Board I use for letters and forms, so when a letter arrives and I want to sort something out with it then I will pin it to my cork board that’s where I will be able to see it each day I wake up and gives me a reminder that it needs to get sorted, I use to put it in a draw and nothing will get done with it but now I can keep on top of my paperwork

Monthly Pay Days – I get paid monthly, after getting paid I will do a month pay list, so I have sorted out my March Pay today, I work out how much my national wage is, I look at other pay slips to give me a rough idea as to how much I will get paid and then I will write down a list of what needs to come out and then I can see how much is left over, that money might go on events which then I can set my limits on how much goes where but this makes sure that I keep up to date with my bills and I don’t have that worry that I will miss out on bills because if you do have that worry then you can always check back on your statements to see what is going where.

That all the tips at the moment I have, but I will keep this updated and add some photos to this post too!

I hope this helped! Let me know any of your tips on how you get organised!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxx

My Bucket List

Hi Strangers!

Here is my bucket list, I thought I would share it. The items on my bucket list might seem silly or even stupid but to me they are important and I want to achieve the little things, no matter how silly. Make sure to share your bucket lists! I would love to see them!

I do polls on Instagram of where you decided on what I do for my next bucket list item, so come decide what I should do! – meganplatten 

I will be doing videos, photos for each bucket list items and will update each time I do it! So keep an eye out!

Food Bucket List (40 Items)

  • Go, Strawberry Picking
  • Order A Cup Of Whipped Cream At Starbucks
  • Learn How To Use Chopsticks
  • Start Eating Breakfast Every Day
  • Make Homemade Jam
  • Go To Carlo’s Bake Shop
  • Visit A Chocolate Factory
  • Eat At A Five Star Restaurant
  • Eat A Whole Watermelon With A Spoon
  • Eat Every Last Bit Of Cookie Dough In The Bowl
  • Eat Frozen Yogurt
  • Create An Ice Cream Flavour
  • Make Rainbow Cupcakes
  • Eat Ice Cream Out Of A Coconut
  • Try Caribbean Food
  • Make Rainbow Fruit Kebab
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream
  • Make Gingerbread Men
  • Make Bacon Pancakes
  • Make Brownie Pops
  • Try S’mores
  • Bake a Kit Kat Cake
  • Eat A Wonka Chocolate Bar
  • Try Macrons
  • Make A Gingerbread House
  • Try Greek Food
  • Try Korean Food
  • Try African Food
  • Eat Fish And Chips In London
  • Try Scandinavian Food
  • Try Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Try Vietnamese Food
  • Try Spanish Food
  • Try Lebanese Food
  • Try Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Try Mexican Food
  • Try Caramel Apples
  • Visit A Hard Rock Cafe
  • Try Something From Pinkberry
  • Try Dunkin’ Donuts

Family Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Take Dad Somewhere He Has Never Been

Celebrations Bucket List (10 Items)

  • Decorate Easter Eggs
  • Chop Down My Own Christmas Tree
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Have an Easter Egg Hunt
  • Visit Winter Wonderland In London
  • Spend New Year’s Eve In London
  • Visit A Christmas Market
  • Have A Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Make Halloween Donuts
  • Bake Halloween Cookies

Giving To Homeless Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Bake Cookies For The Homeless
  • Give A Homeless Person A Christmas Present

Internet Social Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Have Over 1,000 Followers On Instagram

Drinking Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Try Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Drink From A Coconut
  • Try Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Go Wine Tasting
  • Only Drink Water and Tea for an Entire Month
  • Try Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Language Bucket List (4 Items)

  • Improve My Vocabulary
  • Learn Fluent Sign Language
  • Learn To Speak Italian
  • Learn Fluent Spanish

Gaming Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Complete Skyrim
  • Catch Every Pokemon

Date Bucket List (13 Items)

  • Ride Go-Karts
  • Take Long Walks Together
  • Play Basketball With Your Partner
  • Spend An Entire Day Baking
  • Ride A Tandem
  • Go Hiking Through The Woods Together
  • Write Them A Love Letter
  • Cuddle By The Fire
  • Go On A Carousel With You
  • Have A Picnic By The Lake
  • Have A Romantic Night Picnic
  • Go On A Gelato Date
  • Drive Around Town And Look At Christmas Lights

Book Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Read All Of Shakespeare
  • Build A Book Fort
  • Read 100 Books In A Year
  • Read The Maze Runner Series
  • Read 1000 Books
  • Sell A Short Story

Jobs Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Work At A BookStore
  • Work At H&M
  • Volunteer At A Hospital

Celebrities Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Meet Andrew Lincoln

Shopping Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Buy A Venus Flytrap
  • Own A Typewriter
  • Get A Disney Mug
  • Own A Pair Of Doc Martens
  • Own A Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Go On A Nike Shopping Spree

DIY Bucket List (14 Items)

  • Learn To Paint With Watercolours
  • Learn Origami
  • Paint With Bubbles
  • Build A Doll House By Myself
  • Make A Tire Swing
  • Make Soap
  • Tie Dye Something
  • Make A Pressed Penny Bracelet
  • Make Crayon Melt
  • Make A Glow Jar
  • Build A Ship In A Bottle
  • Make Body Butter
  • Make Dream Catchers
  • Design My Own Mug

BestFriend Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Send Postcards To Each Other When You’re Apart
  • Go For A Bike Ride With My Best Friend

London Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit Westminster Abbey
  • Ride A Double Decker Bus In London
  • Use a Phone Booth In London
  • Visit the Rain Room In London
  • Have Tea I London

Scotland Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Visit The Fairy Pools In Scotland
  • Visit Scotland

Courses Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Attend A Cooking Class

Events Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Participate In A Zombie Walk
  • See A Lantern Festival
  • Attend Wimbledon
  • Go To The Olympics
  • Go To A Hot Air Balloon Festival

Liverpool Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go To Liverpool

Italy Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Bathe In The Mineral Baths In Italy
  • Go To Venice, Italy
  • Go To Italy

Movie Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Watch The Blue Umbrella Short Film
  • Watch All The Harry Potter Movies On One Night/Day

Birthday Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Have A Pinata On My Birthday
  • Throw Someone A Surprise Party

Musical Bucket List (2 Items)

  • See Swan Lake
  • Watch Wicked

Animal Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Pet A Giraffe
  • Hold A Baby Panda
  • Have A Dog For Its Entire Life

Fitness/Health Bucket List (5 Pins)

  • Try Yoga
  • Take A Zumba Class
  • Skip Continuously For 10 Minutes
  • Try Aerial Yoga
  • Make Healthier Choices

Winter Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Collect Pine Cones
  • Build A Snowman
  • Buy Glow Stick and Put Them As Eyes In Snowmen

Autumn Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch
  • Have A Fall Picnic
  • Play In The Leaves

Disney Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Buy A Disney Ballon

Cave Exploring Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Explore A Cave
  • Explore A Glow Worm Cave

Random Bucket List (24 Items)

  • Send Someone A Letter
  • Release A Paper Lantern
  • Build My Own Bear At Build A Bear
  • Have A Silly String Fight
  • Learn How to Knit
  • Play In A Giant Ball Pit
  • Put Glow Sticks In Water Bottles, For Outdoor Night Time Bowling
  • Crave Our Initials Into A Tree
  • See The Stars Through A Telescope
  • Do Paint Balloon Darting
  • Drive A Golf Cart
  • Breathe In Helium
  • Be In A Live TV Audience
  • Splatter Paint On A Wall
  • Play On A Slot Machine
  • Visit A Cat Cafe
  • Jump In A Foam Pit
  • Let Go Of A 100 Balloons At One Time
  • Get A Henna Tattoo
  • Learn To Rock Stack
  • Smash Open A Piggy Bank
  • Get A Teddy From The Arcade Machine
  • Have a Glowstick Fight
  • Throw A Boomerang

Camping Bucket List (3 Items) 

  • Go Camping
  • Sleep In A Teepee
  • Sleep In A Tent

Dorset Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Visit Lulworth Cove In Dorset

Puzzle Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Finish A 3D Puzzle
  • Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Harry Potter Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Have A Harry Potter Cake For My Birthday
  • Receive My Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Nature Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit The Bluebell Woodlands In Great Britain
  • Plant Flowers
  • Run Through A Field Of Sunflowers
  • Make A Daisy Chain Crown
  • Run Through A Field Of Flowers

Hotel Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Stay In A Log Cabin For A weekend
  • Stay In A Capsule Hotel
  • Stay At A 5 Star Hotel

Hiking Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go On A Hike

Helping Causes Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Donate My Hair To Cancer Patients
  • Donate Toys To Children In Need

Visit Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit Madame Tussauds London
  • Visit A Castle
  • Go To Legoland
  • Visit A Walk-Through Aquarium
  • Go To The Time Burton Exhibit

Capture Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Take A Selfie Every day For A Year
  • Take Pictures In A Photo Booth
  • Do A No H8 Photoshoot
  • Be A Travel Photographer
  • Travel The World With A Camera
  • Make A Memories Album

For Myself Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Make A Time Capsule And Open It In 10 Years
  • Have My Portrait Painted
  • Have A Manicure
  • Have Acrylic Nails
  • Find Out My Blood Type

Fear Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Ride The London Eye
  • Go Fishing
  • Go ZipLining
  • Play With Sparklers
  • Go Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Learn Fire Twirling

Road Trip Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go On A Road Trip

Couple Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Get Married

Sleeping Areas Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Sleep In A Car

Teach Self Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Learn How To Play The Piano


That is all the items at the moment on my bucket list, but it will always be updated! I hope I have given some ideas to other people for their bucket list and remember to share your lists too! I would love to see them!

Lots Of Love MeggyMoo xxxx

Things That Make Me Happy! :)

Hi Strangers!

This post is super random, but it is also nice to write up what makes me happy in life, we might share some loves! and you can share what makes you happy, as I love seeing peoples views, opinions, likes, dislikes etc… so here is what makes me happy!

  • Tea – I’ve been enjoying a good old English tea in the morning when I wake up, it gives me energy and gives me something to keep going for those early morning starts!
  • Photography – I love capturing moments and I always feel photos are important as they are able to capture a moment that you can cherish forever.
  • Mango smoothies – (LOVE) – It makes me happy when I am having a mango smoothie, they are so tasty!!!!!
  • Bed – I do shift work, so I really end up missing my bed and once I get home my first thing to do is give my bed a big hug!
  • PJS – Getting into your pjs when you know you don’t have to go out of the day or when you get home from a long day and getting into some comfy clothes is the best ❤
  • Music – Listening and chilling out to the music you enjoy is great, because it becomes your own little zone of freedom
  • Long drives – Even though I can’t drive and my boyfriend drives, I do love it when we go on a long drive, just I end up getting lost by watching the outside going by, music on in the background and just feeling at peace with it.
  • Thunderstorms and Rainy days – Only when I am inside that these days make me happy, listening to thunderstorms amaze me and I love listening to it and the rain when you cosy up in bed, lovely feelings!
  • Planning Adventures – I love doing this, I am actually planning a few trips for the next couple of Years – Cardiff, Devon, Cadbury World, I love the feeling of getting excited about it and seeing everything getting paid for it and counting down the days till you go!
  • Dogs – I love dogs, they are so cute and I love many other animals, I love that they have their own communication, they own little lives and they just are amazing with what they can do.

I’m, sure there are lots more I can do, but I will just do 10. Let me know what makes you happy and why as I would love to know!!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx

Mothers Day

Hi Strangers!

So this has been on my mind all day to write this post but I feel I need to write about this to get it off my chest, some people might understand where I am coming from. So we have mothers day in the UK, I don’t celebrate mothers day but I will say Happy mothers day to all the mums that work hard for their children, for the mums that do it on there own, for the step mums, sisters, foster mums etc but also a happy mothers day to the dads that have to be a mum and dad and the same for mums who have to be a dad too. (Don’t feel that made sense…) My dad has been my mum and dad, he has taught me about periods (TMI I know)  which can be much harder for a male to explain, he has had to explain some crazy things to me that a mum should be the one to explain about, I never did all the girly things, like put makeup on etc.. I played games with my dad and enjoyed it.. which it has made me who I am today, sometimes I do find Mothers Day hard, because it can be hard to explain to someone when they might ask if have gotten my mum anything nice.. and you say no, the look they give you is shocking, but it is because you don’t really hear too much of single dads, as the automatic thought is a mum that looks after the child so it can be hard to explain.

I’m not close to any females to be able to give me a chance to be like I can buy this present for mothers day for them, I don’t get that opportunity to be able to treat a female figure and do the shopping, finding the right present etc (I mean I do save my money when it comes down to mothers day!) so it can be hard, because a mother is someone who brings you into the world and should love you, I wasn’t that lucky for that to happen but I still have my best friend who is my dad.

Tell me how you feel about this subject, have you been raised by a single parent, has it been tough?

I will explain my story as I carry on blogging!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love Megan xxx

My Top 5 Favourite Movies!

Here are my Top 10 Favourite Movies, because this blog is about my life right, so might as well get these posts out there of what I enjoy and spread the love. You might be able to tell by the end of this list… I love horror movies hahaha. Enjoy and let me know if you have watched any of the films below and what you thought about them!

5. Before I wake – This film was great, it gives you an emotional roller coaster with some good scares! The storyline was great, but I don’t want to go into much detail as I don’t want to spoil the film (but the child actor is awesome!)  This can be found on Netflix and here is the Youtube trailer for the film! –

4. Circle – I saw some screenshots of this, thought that it wasn’t going to be anything good but, I was hooked as I watched. Circle is basically an eye opener, for the decisions that need to be made for it, it makes you think about who you would you chose and why, but you need to watch the film to understand what I am talking about! So what you waiting for!? go check it on, it is on Netflix! Here is the trailer –

3. The Revenant – What an amazing movie! Loved every bit of it, and even became a bit of a cheerleader to the main character! but if you are squeamish about blood the not a good watch as it can get very bloody! – It is on Netflix and here is the trailer –

2. Nerve – Great film, felt as if it hit some feelings… so basically is a game that people play, like dares, so you have to do something that would make you nervous, and if you didn’t do it then your out of the game, but it’s crazy because people would do these dares even when they are life threating and it challenges it about that, but do live your life, just make sure to be careful with what you are doing! – It is on Netflix – Trailer –

1. The hateful eight – Loved this film even with all the blood and gore in it! Funny but so crazy.. worth the watch and defo one my favourite films of all time, Keeps you on your toes and has plenty of action! – Trailer –


Lots Of Love MeggyMoos xxx