Morning/Afternoon or Evening Person

Hi Strangers,

Hope you are all okay!? So this topic is about if I am a morning/afternoon or evening person, but my second question for you strangers is what are you? Let me know in the comments and why that is!?

So I think I am so much better in the afternoon/evening than the morning! I just feel more active in the afternoon than the morning, in the morning I tend to feel sick and extremely tired and just can’t be bothered to do anything, where in the afternoon/evening I am more awake and I’ll be moving about more so I tend to do my cleanups, blogs etc more in the afternoon. For my job that I do which is care, I prefer the afternoon shifts over the morning shifts, I honestly just can’t wake up in the morning haha! I also end up having more meetings and appointments in the afternoon which gives me plenty of time to plan and sort out things before I head off out.

So what are you? are you a morning/afternoon or evening person!

This blog is short and sweet and I hope you enjoy it!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx


Never Have I Ever..

Hi Strangers,

So I thought I would play the game of Never Have I Ever. You can play along too this way we get to know each other a little bit more! So here is the questions and my answers! Enjoy!

  1. Never have I ever fallen down in public because I was drunk – No I have never done this because I don’t hardly drink, I only have two drinks at the most and that is when I am at home with people I am comfortable with, I don’t go out drink – (Boring people would say but I don’t care, that is just how I live my life!)
  2. Never have I ever stayed in bed all day – of course I have done this! I think a lot of people would do this one, I think I live pretty much in my bed when I have days off!
  3. Never have I ever rested my hands down my pants for added warmth – Yes I have done this, especially when your really cold and you know what place will be warm so you just put your hands down there to get warm
  4. Never have I ever snuck things in my bra – No I have never put any items in my bra… I think it would annoy me because I would feel that it is there and wouldn’t be able to cope with it.
  5. Never have I ever fallen asleep at the movies – Yes I have.. I fell asleep when watching… Narnia.. yup.. sorry to anyone that loves the movies but I found it boring enough to fall asleep to it…
  6. Never have I ever been on a plane – Nope I have never done this… 22 years old and I still have never been on a plane, gone abroad. I’m terrified.
  7. Never have I ever met someone famous – Yes I have! which I think a lot of people would/will have in their life, I have met Nick Knowles, Reggie Yates, Jimmy Carr etc – Photos to follow!
  8. Never have I ever had a bad fall because I was walking and texting – Thankfully no I have never done this, I am careful when on my phone in public because that just seems so embarrassing!
  9. Never have I ever worked with someone I hated – Yes I have, I think at some point in a lot of peoples lives this will happen. It can be hard and awkward but when it comes to work you have to keep it to yourself and just get on with your job.
  10. Never have I ever worked at a fast food restaurant – No I have never done this \(yet) I think that I wouldn’t be able to cope and I have a rubbish memory so I probably just mess it all up and have angry customers!

Well, there we are if you have any questions for me than ask away and I’ll do a blog post about the questions and the answers to them! Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx

The Top 9 Things I Can’t Stand!

Hi Strangers,

Thought I would do a little blog on the things that I just can’t stand, this gives you some information on me and I hope you would be able to share some of the things that you just can’t stand!

9. Loud Eating – I just can’t stand it, I hate being in the same room when someone is eating loudly and I know that they can’t control it, it just really gets to me of where I want to leave the room…

8. Pulling Out The Hair From A Hairbrush – I hate getting the hair out of a hairbrush, I don’t know why but I can’t stand touching it, I think it the texture and pulling the hair from the brush that does it for me… so I have to get other people to clean it out…

7. Using A Phone Loudly On The Bus – When people are on their phone talking to someone but they speak really loudly so everyone on the bus can’t help but hear it, sometimes I have heard people talking about private things but talking so loudly that everyone can hear it.. can you please wait until your off the bus to have the conversation or try to talk quietly!

6. Rubbers – Rubbers that don’t actually work and instead of rubbing out, they make a big smudgy mess!

5. Talking To Family – When you’re talking to a family member and you find something funny.. and then they go into a massively over the top explanation of why it’s not funny and you’re just like.. okay…

4. Not Using The Indicators – When people are driving and they don’t use their indicators, so you see a car and you think it’s going straight, walk a little to cross the road and then they turn with no signal! Like there is a reason for the INDICATORS!

3. Jeans – When you think that you know the size of what Jeans that you can fit in, then you go into a different store in case you see some other jeans you like but when you try on the size you know that fits and THEY DONT FIT!

2. Cotton – I can’t stand the texture of cotton balls or cotton ear buds, they are horrible and makes feel sick

1. Stairs With Gaps – I hate stairs with gaps where you can easily catch your feet up and trip up, they also really scare me on how steady they really are…

Thanks for reading, please come share with me what you can’t stand, we might share some!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx


Care Work

Hi Strangers,

So at the moment I work as a care assistant, I’ve only worked in this job type for nearly 4 months, never worked as a care assistant before.. It’s tough! Before working in Care, I worked as an office assistant / Administrator so completely different from that of course.

So I definitely don’t feel fit enough to be working in care, it’s a hard job it really is and you do have to have a certain type of personality to be able to work in that kind of job.

When you think about working as a care assistant, the first thought that would come to mind is wiping bums, of course that is in the job but the thing that I have really found interesting is the fact that you gain a relationship with the people you care for, you see them change, grow or sometimes sad enough to see them slowly go down hill, but the rewarding feeling is that your there for them, to help them through the times where they don’t want to live, trying to give them hope, yes there is times where they will snap at you, make you cry etc.. But isn’t that everyone that can do that, how many times have you cried when a family member says something mean to you but you try your best to get on with it.

If you are thinking about going into care, then do it. It’s hard but rewarding, even if you don’t like it after a few weeks or months then atleast you tried. Always try new things, explore new career pathways and enjoy the life. Take what people say with a pinch of salt. You got this!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxc

OnGoing Battle!

Hi Strangers!

So mental health is hard to deal with, I struggle with Anxiety and Depression. I discovered having these last year, when I was going through a bad mental break – I had crying fits over just going out, seeing my other half families, even though I get on with them, if I went up high, like stairs to somewhere and was close to the edge of the side then I would think of suicide and that I wanted to jump.. I knew something was mentally going wrong for me and decided to go to the doctors and with all the feelings and my emotions they confirmed that I had anxiety and depression and put me on some medication, I went on 50mg of Sertraline but it helped a little but not enough and now I am on 100mg of Sertraline, it has helped but it does take a while to kick in, for me anyway! as everyone copes differently with medication, I still get bad moments which everyone does, but I still call into work sick because I’m too anxious to go in and that’s okay, it’s okay to have mental health days but you have to make sure to go in for the next time your at work, I worry about everything.. and no joke everything.. even writing this post I worry about!

I’m slowly starting to come out of my comfort zone and trying new things, I won’t say how I worked myself up to do this, as everyone is different and will get to a stage where they can slowly do stuff that they get anxious about but it just depends on you. I think the hardest thing is knowing that it is silly and that you shouldn’t be worrying about it but you just can’t help it, it becomes all you know and what you feel comfortable with.

If anyone would like to be brave enough to share their story then I’m happy to listen and being someone to listen to.

This post probably makes no sense but nevermind, I think I just wanted to write about keep fighting the mental health, you can do it, talk to doctors, your friends and family! Don’t keep it in, as I use to do that and now I don’t as much and it has become healthier for myself.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxx

Being Organised!

Hi Strangers,

Hope you are all doing well!? I thought I would do a post on how I keep with being organised, I love planning and keeping myself organised if I don’t then I feel like a mess! So I hope these little tips and what I do to stay organised will help you!

  • Diaries – I love having diaries they are the most helpful, I have one that I keep at home on my wall, one on my phone (Like all phones pretty much have) and one to keep in my bag, I make sure to always write, all appointments, events, what shifts I am doing,when I can meet up with people etc.. so easy to be able to pick up your diary and see if you are available for dates when new meetings might come up, I make sure at the end of the week (Sunday) to update all my calendars, on my phone, diary and wall calendar so I’m always updated and if I forget to bring my diary with me then I am able to look at my calendar on my phone and check when I am available knowing everything is kept up to date
  • White Board/Cork Board – I have a whiteboard and a cork board on my wall. My whiteboard, I use as a weekly to-do list, so I have anxiety and I worry about everything, which leads me to losing out on sleep as I will always be thinking ‘I need to this, that etc..’ so I will keep a notepad and pen next to me on my bed so that it helps me write down anything that comes to mind when I am trying to sleep, on Sunday I update my whiteboard, put in squares of the weeks dates (Monday – Sunday) and in each square I create a list of what I want to do on each day and that is where my thought list comes in, I will try to get them completed throughout the week, when I achieve them I cross them out and if I can’t do them then I don’t cross it out. (I’ll be updating this post with some photos when I can to show what I mean!) Cork Board I use for letters and forms, so when a letter arrives and I want to sort something out with it then I will pin it to my cork board that’s where I will be able to see it each day I wake up and gives me a reminder that it needs to get sorted, I use to put it in a draw and nothing will get done with it but now I can keep on top of my paperwork

Monthly Pay Days – I get paid monthly, after getting paid I will do a month pay list, so I have sorted out my March Pay today, I work out how much my national wage is, I look at other pay slips to give me a rough idea as to how much I will get paid and then I will write down a list of what needs to come out and then I can see how much is left over, that money might go on events which then I can set my limits on how much goes where but this makes sure that I keep up to date with my bills and I don’t have that worry that I will miss out on bills because if you do have that worry then you can always check back on your statements to see what is going where.

That all the tips at the moment I have, but I will keep this updated and add some photos to this post too!

I hope this helped! Let me know any of your tips on how you get organised!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxx

Things That Make Me Happy! :)

Hi Strangers!

This post is super random, but it is also nice to write up what makes me happy in life, we might share some loves! and you can share what makes you happy, as I love seeing peoples views, opinions, likes, dislikes etc… so here is what makes me happy!

  • Tea – I’ve been enjoying a good old English tea in the morning when I wake up, it gives me energy and gives me something to keep going for those early morning starts!
  • Photography – I love capturing moments and I always feel photos are important as they are able to capture a moment that you can cherish forever.
  • Mango smoothies – (LOVE) – It makes me happy when I am having a mango smoothie, they are so tasty!!!!!
  • Bed – I do shift work, so I really end up missing my bed and once I get home my first thing to do is give my bed a big hug!
  • PJS – Getting into your pjs when you know you don’t have to go out of the day or when you get home from a long day and getting into some comfy clothes is the best ❤
  • Music – Listening and chilling out to the music you enjoy is great, because it becomes your own little zone of freedom
  • Long drives – Even though I can’t drive and my boyfriend drives, I do love it when we go on a long drive, just I end up getting lost by watching the outside going by, music on in the background and just feeling at peace with it.
  • Thunderstorms and Rainy days – Only when I am inside that these days make me happy, listening to thunderstorms amaze me and I love listening to it and the rain when you cosy up in bed, lovely feelings!
  • Planning Adventures – I love doing this, I am actually planning a few trips for the next couple of Years – Cardiff, Devon, Cadbury World, I love the feeling of getting excited about it and seeing everything getting paid for it and counting down the days till you go!
  • Dogs – I love dogs, they are so cute and I love many other animals, I love that they have their own communication, they own little lives and they just are amazing with what they can do.

I’m, sure there are lots more I can do, but I will just do 10. Let me know what makes you happy and why as I would love to know!!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx