Do I Care About Fashion

Hi Strangers,

Do you think I care about fashion? Do you care about fashion? Do I care about fashion? The simple answer for myself is no I don’t. I dress the way that I want to dress, I don’t care about what other people say about my fashion sense, I love to wear odd socks, I hate wearing a matching pair, I love wearing jeans, I don’t wear skirts or dresses, I love mismatching clothes. But this is me, my family is much into their appearance and caring how they look… so I am like the black sheep of the family because I don’t care and I have been called some names for it. I chose what I wear because I want to feel comfortable with myself, I don’t want to pretend who I am, if you don’t like the clothes I wear then fine, I am not living in the world to make that person happy, I live for myself and that you should make the world yours because you never know when the day will be your last and you might as well do the things, dress the way that you want to. Don’t let anyone stop you! Be you and be happy. I don’t wear makeup because I don’t like it, and I will not wear it to interviews or going out events because I want people to see me… for who I am,  so what I am really trying to say is be you, be proud of who you are and be happy! If you love fashion or don’t then let me know, I would love to hear your reasons behind it, it’s great seeing the joys that people get when talking about what they love.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx



My Top 5 Date Night/Day Ideas (Cheap/Free)

5. Play fight – Honestly the best fun ever, we love play fighting.. whenever we see each other we have a good play fight.. we laugh, we have fun and it brings us closer as, after it, we kiss and hug any quick pains away if we catch each other funny.. if you have kids get them involved, have fun with it, got a nerf gun.. well have a good old nerf gun war! Go for it!

4. Flying a kite – Me and my other half did this a year or so ago..  we bought a kite (This is on my bucket list to do was to fly a kite) and we went to the beach (lovely and cold!) it was lovely, spent time together and had a laugh at us both failing. We captured photos of it (inserting them right here…right……I mean…now!)

£1.00 – Poundland

3. Outside World – Long walks, going to the shop just to have a look round, it gives you time to spend time together, to enjoy the moments of holding their hand while enjoying the outside. In the shops.. play hide and seek, I don’t care how old you are.. it is so much fun, make them jump, in a toy store? well pick that plastic grabber and get them..! Who cares about the other people, enjoy yourselves while you’re together and enjoy the moments in your life!

2. Blanket Fort – We made a blanket fort, which was fun to do together, got my laptop and put that in the blanket fort, grabbed our maltsters McFlurry from McDonald’s that we bought earlier, which was a couple of pounds – shut off the lights in the room and watched a movie together and it was lovely!

1. Snuggles – (FAVOURITE!) – We love to have a snug, I feel that it is the best feeling in the world just laying and cuddling each other, being in each other’s presence. These times are important to enjoy each others company and it costs nothing! Love the people you have in your life, enjoy every moment you have with them as you never know what can happen in life!

That is my Top 5 – What are yours??

Lots of Love From MeggyMoo xxx