Completed Bucket List Items

Hi Strangers,

Here are the completed bucket list items that I have completed, don’t judge, the little things, mean the most to me!! Images and videos will be coming soon!! Enjoy and I hope these give you more ideas for your own bucket list!

Let me know your bucket list items that you have done!

  1. Build a blanket fort
  2. Visit the harry potter studios (London) – 14/02/18
  3. Bake Cake Pops
  4. Try Butterbeer – I did not like it! D:
  5. Try chocolate covered strawberries
  6. Go to Manchester
  7. Visit a Trampoline Park
  8. Play giant Jenga
  9. Leave a positive note on someone’s windshield
  10. Run for charity together
  11. Kiss you from 11:59 to 12:01 on new years
  12. Run a marathon
  13. Go on a beach date
  14. Go to a summer music festival
  15. Run the race for life
  16. Go to the circus
  17. Go on a movie date
  18. Participate in a colour run
  19. Make smoothies
  20. Watch fireworks
  21. Leave a note on a stranger car
  22. Leave inspiring notes for people to find
  23. Light a dandelion on fire
  24. Graduate high school
  25. Go to London
  26. Go on an ice cream date
  27. Visit Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in 221B
  28. Make Halloween cupcakes
  29. Make each other sweet pots for cinema
  30. Go on a date to the zoo
  31. Go on a breakfast date
  32. Go bowling
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Do a mud run
  35. Crave a pumpkin
  36. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle

I will keep this updated when I complete more, I will add some photos and video links!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxxx


My Bucket List

Hi Strangers!

Here is my bucket list, I thought I would share it. The items on my bucket list might seem silly or even stupid but to me they are important and I want to achieve the little things, no matter how silly. Make sure to share your bucket lists! I would love to see them!

I do polls on Instagram of where you decided on what I do for my next bucket list item, so come decide what I should do! – meganplatten 

I will be doing videos, photos for each bucket list items and will update each time I do it! So keep an eye out!

Food Bucket List (40 Items)

  • Go, Strawberry Picking
  • Order A Cup Of Whipped Cream At Starbucks
  • Learn How To Use Chopsticks
  • Start Eating Breakfast Every Day
  • Make Homemade Jam
  • Go To Carlo’s Bake Shop
  • Visit A Chocolate Factory
  • Eat At A Five Star Restaurant
  • Eat A Whole Watermelon With A Spoon
  • Eat Every Last Bit Of Cookie Dough In The Bowl
  • Eat Frozen Yogurt
  • Create An Ice Cream Flavour
  • Make Rainbow Cupcakes
  • Eat Ice Cream Out Of A Coconut
  • Try Caribbean Food
  • Make Rainbow Fruit Kebab
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream
  • Make Gingerbread Men
  • Make Bacon Pancakes
  • Make Brownie Pops
  • Try S’mores
  • Bake a Kit Kat Cake
  • Eat A Wonka Chocolate Bar
  • Try Macrons
  • Make A Gingerbread House
  • Try Greek Food
  • Try Korean Food
  • Try African Food
  • Eat Fish And Chips In London
  • Try Scandinavian Food
  • Try Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Try Vietnamese Food
  • Try Spanish Food
  • Try Lebanese Food
  • Try Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Try Mexican Food
  • Try Caramel Apples
  • Visit A Hard Rock Cafe
  • Try Something From Pinkberry
  • Try Dunkin’ Donuts

Family Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Take Dad Somewhere He Has Never Been

Celebrations Bucket List (10 Items)

  • Decorate Easter Eggs
  • Chop Down My Own Christmas Tree
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Have an Easter Egg Hunt
  • Visit Winter Wonderland In London
  • Spend New Year’s Eve In London
  • Visit A Christmas Market
  • Have A Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Make Halloween Donuts
  • Bake Halloween Cookies

Giving To Homeless Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Bake Cookies For The Homeless
  • Give A Homeless Person A Christmas Present

Internet Social Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Have Over 1,000 Followers On Instagram

Drinking Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Try Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Drink From A Coconut
  • Try Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Go Wine Tasting
  • Only Drink Water and Tea for an Entire Month
  • Try Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Language Bucket List (4 Items)

  • Improve My Vocabulary
  • Learn Fluent Sign Language
  • Learn To Speak Italian
  • Learn Fluent Spanish

Gaming Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Complete Skyrim
  • Catch Every Pokemon

Date Bucket List (13 Items)

  • Ride Go-Karts
  • Take Long Walks Together
  • Play Basketball With Your Partner
  • Spend An Entire Day Baking
  • Ride A Tandem
  • Go Hiking Through The Woods Together
  • Write Them A Love Letter
  • Cuddle By The Fire
  • Go On A Carousel With You
  • Have A Picnic By The Lake
  • Have A Romantic Night Picnic
  • Go On A Gelato Date
  • Drive Around Town And Look At Christmas Lights

Book Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Read All Of Shakespeare
  • Build A Book Fort
  • Read 100 Books In A Year
  • Read The Maze Runner Series
  • Read 1000 Books
  • Sell A Short Story

Jobs Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Work At A BookStore
  • Work At H&M
  • Volunteer At A Hospital

Celebrities Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Meet Andrew Lincoln

Shopping Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Buy A Venus Flytrap
  • Own A Typewriter
  • Get A Disney Mug
  • Own A Pair Of Doc Martens
  • Own A Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Go On A Nike Shopping Spree

DIY Bucket List (14 Items)

  • Learn To Paint With Watercolours
  • Learn Origami
  • Paint With Bubbles
  • Build A Doll House By Myself
  • Make A Tire Swing
  • Make Soap
  • Tie Dye Something
  • Make A Pressed Penny Bracelet
  • Make Crayon Melt
  • Make A Glow Jar
  • Build A Ship In A Bottle
  • Make Body Butter
  • Make Dream Catchers
  • Design My Own Mug

BestFriend Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Send Postcards To Each Other When You’re Apart
  • Go For A Bike Ride With My Best Friend

London Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit Westminster Abbey
  • Ride A Double Decker Bus In London
  • Use a Phone Booth In London
  • Visit the Rain Room In London
  • Have Tea I London

Scotland Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Visit The Fairy Pools In Scotland
  • Visit Scotland

Courses Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Attend A Cooking Class

Events Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Participate In A Zombie Walk
  • See A Lantern Festival
  • Attend Wimbledon
  • Go To The Olympics
  • Go To A Hot Air Balloon Festival

Liverpool Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go To Liverpool

Italy Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Bathe In The Mineral Baths In Italy
  • Go To Venice, Italy
  • Go To Italy

Movie Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Watch The Blue Umbrella Short Film
  • Watch All The Harry Potter Movies On One Night/Day

Birthday Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Have A Pinata On My Birthday
  • Throw Someone A Surprise Party

Musical Bucket List (2 Items)

  • See Swan Lake
  • Watch Wicked

Animal Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Pet A Giraffe
  • Hold A Baby Panda
  • Have A Dog For Its Entire Life

Fitness/Health Bucket List (5 Pins)

  • Try Yoga
  • Take A Zumba Class
  • Skip Continuously For 10 Minutes
  • Try Aerial Yoga
  • Make Healthier Choices

Winter Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Collect Pine Cones
  • Build A Snowman
  • Buy Glow Stick and Put Them As Eyes In Snowmen

Autumn Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch
  • Have A Fall Picnic
  • Play In The Leaves

Disney Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Buy A Disney Ballon

Cave Exploring Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Explore A Cave
  • Explore A Glow Worm Cave

Random Bucket List (24 Items)

  • Send Someone A Letter
  • Release A Paper Lantern
  • Build My Own Bear At Build A Bear
  • Have A Silly String Fight
  • Learn How to Knit
  • Play In A Giant Ball Pit
  • Put Glow Sticks In Water Bottles, For Outdoor Night Time Bowling
  • Crave Our Initials Into A Tree
  • See The Stars Through A Telescope
  • Do Paint Balloon Darting
  • Drive A Golf Cart
  • Breathe In Helium
  • Be In A Live TV Audience
  • Splatter Paint On A Wall
  • Play On A Slot Machine
  • Visit A Cat Cafe
  • Jump In A Foam Pit
  • Let Go Of A 100 Balloons At One Time
  • Get A Henna Tattoo
  • Learn To Rock Stack
  • Smash Open A Piggy Bank
  • Get A Teddy From The Arcade Machine
  • Have a Glowstick Fight
  • Throw A Boomerang

Camping Bucket List (3 Items) 

  • Go Camping
  • Sleep In A Teepee
  • Sleep In A Tent

Dorset Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Visit Lulworth Cove In Dorset

Puzzle Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Finish A 3D Puzzle
  • Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Harry Potter Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Have A Harry Potter Cake For My Birthday
  • Receive My Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Nature Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit The Bluebell Woodlands In Great Britain
  • Plant Flowers
  • Run Through A Field Of Sunflowers
  • Make A Daisy Chain Crown
  • Run Through A Field Of Flowers

Hotel Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Stay In A Log Cabin For A weekend
  • Stay In A Capsule Hotel
  • Stay At A 5 Star Hotel

Hiking Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go On A Hike

Helping Causes Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Donate My Hair To Cancer Patients
  • Donate Toys To Children In Need

Visit Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit Madame Tussauds London
  • Visit A Castle
  • Go To Legoland
  • Visit A Walk-Through Aquarium
  • Go To The Time Burton Exhibit

Capture Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Take A Selfie Every day For A Year
  • Take Pictures In A Photo Booth
  • Do A No H8 Photoshoot
  • Be A Travel Photographer
  • Travel The World With A Camera
  • Make A Memories Album

For Myself Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Make A Time Capsule And Open It In 10 Years
  • Have My Portrait Painted
  • Have A Manicure
  • Have Acrylic Nails
  • Find Out My Blood Type

Fear Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Ride The London Eye
  • Go Fishing
  • Go ZipLining
  • Play With Sparklers
  • Go Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Learn Fire Twirling

Road Trip Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go On A Road Trip

Couple Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Get Married

Sleeping Areas Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Sleep In A Car

Teach Self Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Learn How To Play The Piano


That is all the items at the moment on my bucket list, but it will always be updated! I hope I have given some ideas to other people for their bucket list and remember to share your lists too! I would love to see them!

Lots Of Love MeggyMoo xxxx