Cambridge Break Away

Hi Strangers,

So here is another old post from 2016 🙂 enjoy!

Day 1 of going to Cambridge – So on 17th September was mine and my other halves two year anniversary, so we booked the weekend away to Cambridge. I went there when I was younger but hardly remembered anything when we finally went there this year. To get to Cambridge we booked a coach as the coach was cheaper than train and it isn’t too far from where we live, as we live in Norwich so it was about 2 hours to get there.  When we arrived we had a few hours to spare till we could check in at the Royal Cambridge Hotel so we went to the Grafton Centre to grab some lunch as it was about 11:30 is and I was starving so we went to the top of Grafton Center and went to Burger King. Half an hour later we had lunch! It was okay, well it is Burger King! After that we just looked around the Grafton Center and just around that area really, when it got to about 13:30ish we thought let’s find the hotel because we always like to check in on time, so we got there, it was a great location because it was about 5 minute walk both left and right to the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and about 10 –  15 minute walk to the city center. The check-in was a bit of a worry when we got there…  Due to the room wasn’t booked in my name… But it was booked under my Boyfriends name! But it was strange because I emailed them, paid and everything… So I must of some really put it under my Boyfriends name…  That was a scary experience because after they found it… They said they didn’t have no rooms if they didn’t find it! I nearly pooped myself! Anyway, we got into the room and the room was nice, we had a sofa and it was very spacious.  Which was lovely. We didn’t do too much exploring on the first night in Cambridge as we were tired! So we went to go get some dinner as we went back to the Grafton Center and went to Bella Italia, we like Bella Italia anyway, but let’s just say I got very tipsy because I was super tired!!

Day 2 of exploring Cambridge – So it was a Sunday for this second day, so we tried to have a lay in, but it never works we always end up waking up at 06:30,  7:00 or 07:30 so after we woke we chilled out for a bit, played some games and then we got sorted and dressed before heading out to get some breakfast, we really fancied a bacon roll but hardly nowhere was open so we went to Gregg’s..  At 10:00 we had a bacon and sausage roll…  Mhmmm.  So after that, we went to explore some shops, the shops that we saw were more up to date with their signs then the ones we had in Norwich City.  We went to the Grand Arcade which was really lovely,  we went into the Lush store because in Norwich there is a really small one where the one in Cambridge was pretty spacious so I was really happy! After we did our explores in the morning we got hungry and went to Tescos to get some lunch and headed back to the hotel to eat it and rest our feet! (Think I’m missing a part here)..  But we went to the river as I really wanted to go down the river and it was lovely,  we saw a lot of rowers training, and the river was just peaceful.  Before we got to the river we bumped into a field of cows… Just freely walking around while you walked near them…  I have never seen this till now so it was definitely a strange experience.  Anyway back to lunch.  So after we finished lunch, we tried to think about what to do so we said we’ll let’s go to the museum, the Fitzwilliam  Museum because it was free admission and it was something else to explore.  The museum was pretty big but if you like art and pottery definitely the place to go. You could take pictures in the museum which normally most museums don’t let you, there were only two rooms that you couldn’t take photos in.  The museum had taken us a while to go round so after we were done we went back to the hotel and rested up again. So it was about 15:00ish and we thought we’ll let’s go to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens it was a five-minute walk from our hotel, so we got there and to be honest it’s really cheap to enter.  £5 per adult.  So I paid and I wasn’t really sure on how the place will be… But once we started walking around.. My goodness, it’s a beautiful place and definitely worth the money and time of going! We will definitely be going back but because it was a Sunday and we came there late we didn’t have a lot of time.  Anyway there was a little cafe in the place and we stopped there for a little treat, we had a lovely brownie but we really wanted was a Maltesers hot chocolate because it sounded lush… But they were out of stock (crying face) so we just had hot chocolate with cream which was still lovely but we had to rush it down because the place was closing at 6 and we were still there after 5 so we called it a day and said we will come back.  So we got back to the hotel rested for a little and thought about dinner, we wanted somewhere close so we didn’t have to walk so much because we walked all day.  So we decided Pizza Express,  so we got there and I had Spag bol and Billy had a lasagna. We tried to have a dessert but we felt super sick because we had eaten all day, but the staff was lovely and the food was delicious! So after dinner, we went home and relaxed and went to bed.

Day 3 Leaving day -We got up early, as we wanted to check out by 9 so then we could explore more in the morning, so we got sorted and checked out.  We went to M&S and had our breakfast, bacon roll and a cup of tea. Yum. So after that, I wanted to go get some fudge from the fudge store..  We got into the store and I do hate this…  Is where the shop is so small and you have that awkward think about what you need to buy while the shopkeeper stares are you.  The problem I had with the store was not all the fudge had their names on them… So I didn’t know what they were…  But in the end, I bought, myself some dark chocolate sea salt fudge, Billy Salted Caramel fudge and my dad just plain vanilla fudge. In total it cost £16.  Before we came out of the shop they were cooking in front of which was cool, definitely cool to watch.  After that, I needed to go get a postcard so I went to the shop next door to the fudge shop and got one as it is a tradition at work to get a postcard of when you travel somewhere haha.  So really we just explored more around Cambridge, down all the little shops and we found more places that we haven’t fully explored so we will be coming back! It got to lunch time and we went to McDonald’s.. I don’t think I’ll ever go back…  I don’t know if the dude had anything because it was creepy, there was a guy that worked there and he came up to me chatting when I sat down, asked my name, why I was in Cambridge and stuff…  And it like did little nicknames to my name like melon Megan…  It just felt creepy and really put me off going to that McDonald’s… So we quickly ate our lunch and left.  After that, we didn’t have a lot to do…  So we just went near the coach’s and sat on the grass for a while, we tried some of our fudge and the fudge was super hard to break and actually eat…  Which was a bit of shame…  Anyway, our coach was really late but apart from that.  We loved Cambridge, we wouldn’t live there but we will come back to visit for sure.

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx


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