York Holiday 

Hi Strangers, so here is a post that I did a 2 years ago for our holiday in York. I hope you enjoy it!

So at the moment, we reserved a hotel room at Ascot House,  looks like a lovely place, but will find out on the 13th October 16 (next Thursday at the time that I am writing this) the price I guess reasonable but not fully sure, it will cost us £300 for three nights, guess not to bad, we booked our train tickets last week which cost us £96 for there and back and for two people with a two together railcard, not too bad.  Now we are just waiting to go and I can’t wait to write down my experience!!

(The countdown begins, don’t tell me you don’t do this too!)

Saturday 8th October 16 – 5 days left… Excited!

Sunday 9th October 16  –  4 days left… Mwahahaha

Monday 10th October 16 – two days of work… That’s all

Tuesday 11th October 16- last day of work,  woo!!


Thursday 13th October 16 – so today is the day,  let me get ready then I need to catch the bus to Norwich at 8:08 woo! This whole journey, I will be writing everything down on here as I do it so enjoy! At least I won’t forget about anything!!!

Of course, our first main stop is to go have some breakfast at M&S in Norwich, love their bacon rolls! After we finished our breakfast, I needed to go get some headphones as I forgot mine! And we wanted to go get some lunch and snacks but in the end, we didn’t really get snacks.. It’s now 12:12 and we are at the train station waiting for our train to Peterborough,  then have to get another train to York.

Super excited but we are now waiting and our train leaves at 12:57.. Let’s see what we can do while we wait!!  So we watched some YouTube,  got on our train and ate some lunch that we got from Morrisons and now we are in Peterborough waiting for our train to York 😊.

I’m so annoyed with people and Virgin trains as we had reserved seats and people were sitting in our sits but we couldn’t do anything as we hate causing a scene but I think really the trains should check who’s sitting in the right places as the tickets person saw we had a reserved seats but didn’t say anything, eugh!!  So we had to sit on the floor door the whole journey to York but at least it was just an hour and a half.

But we are now in York! Our room is lovely! We also got shown to our room which we have never had and the old man at the reception was ever so lovely and kind! He got us a map of York too and showed us the best way to get to the city.

So it is 18:52 and now about to go get some dinner! We have decided to go to Strada, we have been here before in Brighton , which was our first holiday and we had it on our first night in Brighton so we thought we would do it again but in York 😊.

Dinner was Yummy! We had a cheese burger and they chips were lovely! But now we are back at the hotel ready for bed! Goodnight! The exploring starts tomorrow!!

Friday  14th October – Good morning! So got up at 7:00 and had our breakfast at 8:30 which was nice, but I wasn’t keen on the sausage and bacon just had a weird taste to me! But that’s my opinion.  The staff were lovely, had smiles on there faces and just was kind and sweet, we got served really quick and we only had to wait about 5-10 minutes for our breakfast,  we had a full English breakfast as I didn’t say! Now we are just resting and soon to be going out exploring!!

We went out exploring and our first thing to do was look round the streets of York an see the markets, we then went to have a cup of tea and rest in M&S at around 11:30, we then walked across the city walls which we saw some lovely places while on there.

We then went to the York Minister which I nearly set myself on fire because I was stupid and put my coat near a fire while trying to find a place to put a candle! But it was lovely,  alot of things to see and read about.  We then went to go grab some lunch at about 15:00 and we just went to KFC but we wasn’t very keen as the chips were cold and I didn’t enjoy it.. We then went to the National Railway Museum which we didn’t stay to long because we were tired but we saw a few things there and the trains were massive!! I’m a tiny small person,  I’m only 4’10 so when I saw them I thought they were Hugh! Anyway, we went back to the hotel and we are now currently resting and thinking about dinner and what to do tomorrow!

For our dinner we had Bella Italia as we normally go to a Bella Italian,  the food was nice and the staff made it feel very welcoming and when we were leaving alot of the said Bye so that was nice. But now we are back in the hotel. Goodnight!

Saturday 15th October – Good Morning, our last full day in York today, we had a shower and went down for breakfast which again was nice 😊. So got back into our room and settled our bellies for half and hour and planned our day.  We decided that we wanted to explore the shops this time and there was a wonderful soap store, definitely worth seeing,  I also brought a postcard as in my department at work , we buy postcards for whenever we travel,  so just brought a simple postcard of York Minister.  We went back to York Minister as we didn’t explore everything in the Minster.  Now we are having lunch/dinner at Ask Italian, which is so so big because it’s a museum.. And when you first go in,  it actually looks like a gift shop but the restaurant is ever so beautiful and the food was delicious and of course, we had our favorite mango sorbet. Yum yum.

So after lunch/dinner, we looked round more shops and I got a present for my dad and my friend. We wandered more of the streets of York there is so much to explore but York is very expensive as we didn’t have a lot of money to get into museums or anything like that so if you want to go to York make sure to bring a lot of money! With each holiday we do we learn more and more which is great.  Anyway, after that we went to Tescos got our dinner which was just a meal deal and then just chilled at the hotel for the whole night.

Sunday 16th October

Good morning again, today is the day that we go back home! We are so sad to see York go! We will probably come back in a few years time! Anyway, let’s have some breakfast.

Now we are at the train station waiting for our train which is 10:57. Let’s go home…so we got into Peterborough and we had to get a coach to Ely due to some works going on, the coach driver used one of the sat navs which lead us down the country side roads.. Which I hated because it was so many bumps and all sorts,  a lady and her husband got off and she looked like she was going to be sick. We had to be at the Ely train station to catch our train for 14:10 and we ended up being 15 minutes late, so we missed our train and we missed another train as we had one minute to get to the other side of the train station,  so we was at the train station at 14:20 our next train was 15:10.  I got really upset due to my anxiety and I hate being late.. But our train tickets were fine for the train we got as that was another worry of mine.. But now on the train and should be in Norwich at 16:14 and then I have to catch a bus home.. So yeah.. That was fun.  Thank you for reading our holiday trip.  This is going to be lovely for us to come back and read this.  I will put up more photos on here later in the week.

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx


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