Completed Bucket List Items

Hi Strangers,

Here are the completed bucket list items that I have completed, don’t judge, the little things, mean the most to me!! Images and videos will be coming soon!! Enjoy and I hope these give you more ideas for your own bucket list!

Let me know your bucket list items that you have done!

  1. Build a blanket fort
  2. Visit the harry potter studios (London) – 14/02/18
  3. Bake Cake Pops
  4. Try Butterbeer – I did not like it! D:
  5. Try chocolate covered strawberries
  6. Go to Manchester
  7. Visit a Trampoline Park
  8. Play giant Jenga
  9. Leave a positive note on someone’s windshield
  10. Run for charity together
  11. Kiss you from 11:59 to 12:01 on new years
  12. Run a marathon
  13. Go on a beach date
  14. Go to a summer music festival
  15. Run the race for life
  16. Go to the circus
  17. Go on a movie date
  18. Participate in a colour run
  19. Make smoothies
  20. Watch fireworks
  21. Leave a note on a stranger car
  22. Leave inspiring notes for people to find
  23. Light a dandelion on fire
  24. Graduate high school
  25. Go to London
  26. Go on an ice cream date
  27. Visit Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in 221B
  28. Make Halloween cupcakes
  29. Make each other sweet pots for cinema
  30. Go on a date to the zoo
  31. Go on a breakfast date
  32. Go bowling
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Do a mud run
  35. Crave a pumpkin
  36. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle

I will keep this updated when I complete more, I will add some photos and video links!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxxx


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