The Top 9 Things I Can’t Stand!

Hi Strangers,

Thought I would do a little blog on the things that I just can’t stand, this gives you some information on me and I hope you would be able to share some of the things that you just can’t stand!

9. Loud Eating – I just can’t stand it, I hate being in the same room when someone is eating loudly and I know that they can’t control it, it just really gets to me of where I want to leave the room…

8. Pulling Out The Hair From A Hairbrush – I hate getting the hair out of a hairbrush, I don’t know why but I can’t stand touching it, I think it the texture and pulling the hair from the brush that does it for me… so I have to get other people to clean it out…

7. Using A Phone Loudly On The Bus – When people are on their phone talking to someone but they speak really loudly so everyone on the bus can’t help but hear it, sometimes I have heard people talking about private things but talking so loudly that everyone can hear it.. can you please wait until your off the bus to have the conversation or try to talk quietly!

6. Rubbers – Rubbers that don’t actually work and instead of rubbing out, they make a big smudgy mess!

5. Talking To Family – When you’re talking to a family member and you find something funny.. and then they go into a massively over the top explanation of why it’s not funny and you’re just like.. okay…

4. Not Using The Indicators – When people are driving and they don’t use their indicators, so you see a car and you think it’s going straight, walk a little to cross the road and then they turn with no signal! Like there is a reason for the INDICATORS!

3. Jeans – When you think that you know the size of what Jeans that you can fit in, then you go into a different store in case you see some other jeans you like but when you try on the size you know that fits and THEY DONT FIT!

2. Cotton – I can’t stand the texture of cotton balls or cotton ear buds, they are horrible and makes feel sick

1. Stairs With Gaps – I hate stairs with gaps where you can easily catch your feet up and trip up, they also really scare me on how steady they really are…

Thanks for reading, please come share with me what you can’t stand, we might share some!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx



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