Being Organised!

Hi Strangers,

Hope you are all doing well!? I thought I would do a post on how I keep with being organised, I love planning and keeping myself organised if I don’t then I feel like a mess! So I hope these little tips and what I do to stay organised will help you!

  • Diaries – I love having diaries they are the most helpful, I have one that I keep at home on my wall, one on my phone (Like all phones pretty much have) and one to keep in my bag, I make sure to always write, all appointments, events, what shifts I am doing,when I can meet up with people etc.. so easy to be able to pick up your diary and see if you are available for dates when new meetings might come up, I make sure at the end of the week (Sunday) to update all my calendars, on my phone, diary and wall calendar so I’m always updated and if I forget to bring my diary with me then I am able to look at my calendar on my phone and check when I am available knowing everything is kept up to date
  • White Board/Cork Board – I have a whiteboard and a cork board on my wall. My whiteboard, I use as a weekly to-do list, so I have anxiety and I worry about everything, which leads me to losing out on sleep as I will always be thinking ‘I need to this, that etc..’ so I will keep a notepad and pen next to me on my bed so that it helps me write down anything that comes to mind when I am trying to sleep, on Sunday I update my whiteboard, put in squares of the weeks dates (Monday – Sunday) and in each square I create a list of what I want to do on each day and that is where my thought list comes in, I will try to get them completed throughout the week, when I achieve them I cross them out and if I can’t do them then I don’t cross it out. (I’ll be updating this post with some photos when I can to show what I mean!) Cork Board I use for letters and forms, so when a letter arrives and I want to sort something out with it then I will pin it to my cork board that’s where I will be able to see it each day I wake up and gives me a reminder that it needs to get sorted, I use to put it in a draw and nothing will get done with it but now I can keep on top of my paperwork

Monthly Pay Days – I get paid monthly, after getting paid I will do a month pay list, so I have sorted out my March Pay today, I work out how much my national wage is, I look at other pay slips to give me a rough idea as to how much I will get paid and then I will write down a list of what needs to come out and then I can see how much is left over, that money might go on events which then I can set my limits on how much goes where but this makes sure that I keep up to date with my bills and I don’t have that worry that I will miss out on bills because if you do have that worry then you can always check back on your statements to see what is going where.

That all the tips at the moment I have, but I will keep this updated and add some photos to this post too!

I hope this helped! Let me know any of your tips on how you get organised!

Lots of love MeggyMoo xxx


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