My Bucket List

Hi Strangers!

Here is my bucket list, I thought I would share it. The items on my bucket list might seem silly or even stupid but to me they are important and I want to achieve the little things, no matter how silly. Make sure to share your bucket lists! I would love to see them!

I do polls on Instagram of where you decided on what I do for my next bucket list item, so come decide what I should do! – meganplatten 

I will be doing videos, photos for each bucket list items and will update each time I do it! So keep an eye out!

Food Bucket List (40 Items)

  • Go, Strawberry Picking
  • Order A Cup Of Whipped Cream At Starbucks
  • Learn How To Use Chopsticks
  • Start Eating Breakfast Every Day
  • Make Homemade Jam
  • Go To Carlo’s Bake Shop
  • Visit A Chocolate Factory
  • Eat At A Five Star Restaurant
  • Eat A Whole Watermelon With A Spoon
  • Eat Every Last Bit Of Cookie Dough In The Bowl
  • Eat Frozen Yogurt
  • Create An Ice Cream Flavour
  • Make Rainbow Cupcakes
  • Eat Ice Cream Out Of A Coconut
  • Try Caribbean Food
  • Make Rainbow Fruit Kebab
  • Make Homemade Ice Cream
  • Make Gingerbread Men
  • Make Bacon Pancakes
  • Make Brownie Pops
  • Try S’mores
  • Bake a Kit Kat Cake
  • Eat A Wonka Chocolate Bar
  • Try Macrons
  • Make A Gingerbread House
  • Try Greek Food
  • Try Korean Food
  • Try African Food
  • Eat Fish And Chips In London
  • Try Scandinavian Food
  • Try Chocolate Covered Bacon
  • Try Vietnamese Food
  • Try Spanish Food
  • Try Lebanese Food
  • Try Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Try Mexican Food
  • Try Caramel Apples
  • Visit A Hard Rock Cafe
  • Try Something From Pinkberry
  • Try Dunkin’ Donuts

Family Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Take Dad Somewhere He Has Never Been

Celebrations Bucket List (10 Items)

  • Decorate Easter Eggs
  • Chop Down My Own Christmas Tree
  • Bake Christmas Cookies
  • Have an Easter Egg Hunt
  • Visit Winter Wonderland In London
  • Spend New Year’s Eve In London
  • Visit A Christmas Market
  • Have A Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Make Halloween Donuts
  • Bake Halloween Cookies

Giving To Homeless Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Bake Cookies For The Homeless
  • Give A Homeless Person A Christmas Present

Internet Social Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Have Over 1,000 Followers On Instagram

Drinking Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Try Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Drink From A Coconut
  • Try Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Go Wine Tasting
  • Only Drink Water and Tea for an Entire Month
  • Try Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Language Bucket List (4 Items)

  • Improve My Vocabulary
  • Learn Fluent Sign Language
  • Learn To Speak Italian
  • Learn Fluent Spanish

Gaming Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Complete Skyrim
  • Catch Every Pokemon

Date Bucket List (13 Items)

  • Ride Go-Karts
  • Take Long Walks Together
  • Play Basketball With Your Partner
  • Spend An Entire Day Baking
  • Ride A Tandem
  • Go Hiking Through The Woods Together
  • Write Them A Love Letter
  • Cuddle By The Fire
  • Go On A Carousel With You
  • Have A Picnic By The Lake
  • Have A Romantic Night Picnic
  • Go On A Gelato Date
  • Drive Around Town And Look At Christmas Lights

Book Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Read All Of Shakespeare
  • Build A Book Fort
  • Read 100 Books In A Year
  • Read The Maze Runner Series
  • Read 1000 Books
  • Sell A Short Story

Jobs Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Work At A BookStore
  • Work At H&M
  • Volunteer At A Hospital

Celebrities Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Meet Andrew Lincoln

Shopping Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Buy A Venus Flytrap
  • Own A Typewriter
  • Get A Disney Mug
  • Own A Pair Of Doc Martens
  • Own A Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Go On A Nike Shopping Spree

DIY Bucket List (14 Items)

  • Learn To Paint With Watercolours
  • Learn Origami
  • Paint With Bubbles
  • Build A Doll House By Myself
  • Make A Tire Swing
  • Make Soap
  • Tie Dye Something
  • Make A Pressed Penny Bracelet
  • Make Crayon Melt
  • Make A Glow Jar
  • Build A Ship In A Bottle
  • Make Body Butter
  • Make Dream Catchers
  • Design My Own Mug

BestFriend Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Send Postcards To Each Other When You’re Apart
  • Go For A Bike Ride With My Best Friend

London Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit Westminster Abbey
  • Ride A Double Decker Bus In London
  • Use a Phone Booth In London
  • Visit the Rain Room In London
  • Have Tea I London

Scotland Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Visit The Fairy Pools In Scotland
  • Visit Scotland

Courses Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Attend A Cooking Class

Events Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Participate In A Zombie Walk
  • See A Lantern Festival
  • Attend Wimbledon
  • Go To The Olympics
  • Go To A Hot Air Balloon Festival

Liverpool Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go To Liverpool

Italy Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Bathe In The Mineral Baths In Italy
  • Go To Venice, Italy
  • Go To Italy

Movie Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Watch The Blue Umbrella Short Film
  • Watch All The Harry Potter Movies On One Night/Day

Birthday Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Have A Pinata On My Birthday
  • Throw Someone A Surprise Party

Musical Bucket List (2 Items)

  • See Swan Lake
  • Watch Wicked

Animal Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Pet A Giraffe
  • Hold A Baby Panda
  • Have A Dog For Its Entire Life

Fitness/Health Bucket List (5 Pins)

  • Try Yoga
  • Take A Zumba Class
  • Skip Continuously For 10 Minutes
  • Try Aerial Yoga
  • Make Healthier Choices

Winter Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Collect Pine Cones
  • Build A Snowman
  • Buy Glow Stick and Put Them As Eyes In Snowmen

Autumn Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Visit A Pumpkin Patch
  • Have A Fall Picnic
  • Play In The Leaves

Disney Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Buy A Disney Ballon

Cave Exploring Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Explore A Cave
  • Explore A Glow Worm Cave

Random Bucket List (24 Items)

  • Send Someone A Letter
  • Release A Paper Lantern
  • Build My Own Bear At Build A Bear
  • Have A Silly String Fight
  • Learn How to Knit
  • Play In A Giant Ball Pit
  • Put Glow Sticks In Water Bottles, For Outdoor Night Time Bowling
  • Crave Our Initials Into A Tree
  • See The Stars Through A Telescope
  • Do Paint Balloon Darting
  • Drive A Golf Cart
  • Breathe In Helium
  • Be In A Live TV Audience
  • Splatter Paint On A Wall
  • Play On A Slot Machine
  • Visit A Cat Cafe
  • Jump In A Foam Pit
  • Let Go Of A 100 Balloons At One Time
  • Get A Henna Tattoo
  • Learn To Rock Stack
  • Smash Open A Piggy Bank
  • Get A Teddy From The Arcade Machine
  • Have a Glowstick Fight
  • Throw A Boomerang

Camping Bucket List (3 Items) 

  • Go Camping
  • Sleep In A Teepee
  • Sleep In A Tent

Dorset Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Visit Lulworth Cove In Dorset

Puzzle Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Finish A 3D Puzzle
  • Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Harry Potter Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Have A Harry Potter Cake For My Birthday
  • Receive My Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Nature Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit The Bluebell Woodlands In Great Britain
  • Plant Flowers
  • Run Through A Field Of Sunflowers
  • Make A Daisy Chain Crown
  • Run Through A Field Of Flowers

Hotel Bucket List (3 Items)

  • Stay In A Log Cabin For A weekend
  • Stay In A Capsule Hotel
  • Stay At A 5 Star Hotel

Hiking Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go On A Hike

Helping Causes Bucket List (2 Items)

  • Donate My Hair To Cancer Patients
  • Donate Toys To Children In Need

Visit Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Visit Madame Tussauds London
  • Visit A Castle
  • Go To Legoland
  • Visit A Walk-Through Aquarium
  • Go To The Time Burton Exhibit

Capture Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Take A Selfie Every day For A Year
  • Take Pictures In A Photo Booth
  • Do A No H8 Photoshoot
  • Be A Travel Photographer
  • Travel The World With A Camera
  • Make A Memories Album

For Myself Bucket List (5 Items)

  • Make A Time Capsule And Open It In 10 Years
  • Have My Portrait Painted
  • Have A Manicure
  • Have Acrylic Nails
  • Find Out My Blood Type

Fear Bucket List (6 Items)

  • Ride The London Eye
  • Go Fishing
  • Go ZipLining
  • Play With Sparklers
  • Go Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Learn Fire Twirling

Road Trip Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Go On A Road Trip

Couple Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Get Married

Sleeping Areas Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Sleep In A Car

Teach Self Bucket List (1 Item)

  • Learn How To Play The Piano


That is all the items at the moment on my bucket list, but it will always be updated! I hope I have given some ideas to other people for their bucket list and remember to share your lists too! I would love to see them!

Lots Of Love MeggyMoo xxxx


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