Things That Make Me Happy! :)

Hi Strangers!

This post is super random, but it is also nice to write up what makes me happy in life, we might share some loves! and you can share what makes you happy, as I love seeing peoples views, opinions, likes, dislikes etc… so here is what makes me happy!

  • Tea – I’ve been enjoying a good old English tea in the morning when I wake up, it gives me energy and gives me something to keep going for those early morning starts!
  • Photography – I love capturing moments and I always feel photos are important as they are able to capture a moment that you can cherish forever.
  • Mango smoothies – (LOVE) – It makes me happy when I am having a mango smoothie, they are so tasty!!!!!
  • Bed – I do shift work, so I really end up missing my bed and once I get home my first thing to do is give my bed a big hug!
  • PJS – Getting into your pjs when you know you don’t have to go out of the day or when you get home from a long day and getting into some comfy clothes is the best ❤
  • Music – Listening and chilling out to the music you enjoy is great, because it becomes your own little zone of freedom
  • Long drives – Even though I can’t drive and my boyfriend drives, I do love it when we go on a long drive, just I end up getting lost by watching the outside going by, music on in the background and just feeling at peace with it.
  • Thunderstorms and Rainy days – Only when I am inside that these days make me happy, listening to thunderstorms amaze me and I love listening to it and the rain when you cosy up in bed, lovely feelings!
  • Planning Adventures – I love doing this, I am actually planning a few trips for the next couple of Years – Cardiff, Devon, Cadbury World, I love the feeling of getting excited about it and seeing everything getting paid for it and counting down the days till you go!
  • Dogs – I love dogs, they are so cute and I love many other animals, I love that they have their own communication, they own little lives and they just are amazing with what they can do.

I’m, sure there are lots more I can do, but I will just do 10. Let me know what makes you happy and why as I would love to know!!

Lots of Love MeggyMoo xxx

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