Mothers Day

Hi Strangers!

So this has been on my mind all day to write this post but I feel I need to write about this to get it off my chest, some people might understand where I am coming from. So we have mothers day in the UK, I don’t celebrate mothers day but I will say Happy mothers day to all the mums that work hard for their children, for the mums that do it on there own, for the step mums, sisters, foster mums etc but also a happy mothers day to the dads that have to be a mum and dad and the same for mums who have to be a dad too. (Don’t feel that made sense…) My dad has been my mum and dad, he has taught me about periods (TMI I know)  which can be much harder for a male to explain, he has had to explain some crazy things to me that a mum should be the one to explain about, I never did all the girly things, like put makeup on etc.. I played games with my dad and enjoyed it.. which it has made me who I am today, sometimes I do find Mothers Day hard, because it can be hard to explain to someone when they might ask if have gotten my mum anything nice.. and you say no, the look they give you is shocking, but it is because you don’t really hear too much of single dads, as the automatic thought is a mum that looks after the child so it can be hard to explain.

I’m not close to any females to be able to give me a chance to be like I can buy this present for mothers day for them, I don’t get that opportunity to be able to treat a female figure and do the shopping, finding the right present etc (I mean I do save my money when it comes down to mothers day!) so it can be hard, because a mother is someone who brings you into the world and should love you, I wasn’t that lucky for that to happen but I still have my best friend who is my dad.

Tell me how you feel about this subject, have you been raised by a single parent, has it been tough?

I will explain my story as I carry on blogging!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love Megan xxx

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