My Top 5 Favourite Movies!

Here are my Top 10 Favourite Movies, because this blog is about my life right, so might as well get these posts out there of what I enjoy and spread the love. You might be able to tell by the end of this list… I love horror movies hahaha. Enjoy and let me know if you have watched any of the films below and what you thought about them!

5. Before I wake – This film was great, it gives you an emotional roller coaster with some good scares! The storyline was great, but I don’t want to go into much detail as I don’t want to spoil the film (but the child actor is awesome!)  This can be found on Netflix and here is the Youtube trailer for the film! –

4. Circle – I saw some screenshots of this, thought that it wasn’t going to be anything good but, I was hooked as I watched. Circle is basically an eye opener, for the decisions that need to be made for it, it makes you think about who you would you chose and why, but you need to watch the film to understand what I am talking about! So what you waiting for!? go check it on, it is on Netflix! Here is the trailer –

3. The Revenant – What an amazing movie! Loved every bit of it, and even became a bit of a cheerleader to the main character! but if you are squeamish about blood the not a good watch as it can get very bloody! – It is on Netflix and here is the trailer –

2. Nerve – Great film, felt as if it hit some feelings… so basically is a game that people play, like dares, so you have to do something that would make you nervous, and if you didn’t do it then your out of the game, but it’s crazy because people would do these dares even when they are life threating and it challenges it about that, but do live your life, just make sure to be careful with what you are doing! – It is on Netflix – Trailer –

1. The hateful eight – Loved this film even with all the blood and gore in it! Funny but so crazy.. worth the watch and defo one my favourite films of all time, Keeps you on your toes and has plenty of action! – Trailer –


Lots Of Love MeggyMoos xxx

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